Communicating Your Message with Photos – Giggling Lotus Yoga

Three synchronized yoga practictioners perform a triangle pose at Giggling Lotus Yoga in Dogpatch, San Francisco, CA.

Giggling Lotus Yoga operates in my Dogpatch neighborhood in San Francisco. Mimi Moncier, the owner, launched a new Yoga Boot Camp and wanted photos for her website. She also wanted photos of classes and instructors.  She selected a group of teachers and students and staged a boot camp class and a yoga class to photograph. The natural light and beautiful curtains in the space made for a lovely feel.

These types of photos communicate the process or feel of an establishment. Photos of employees at work, customers using the product or service, illustrate for potential customers what a pleasant experience it is to deal with the proprietor and their service.  Photos replace a wordy website and communicate the story of the business much more effectively than words.

Before I create these shots for a customer, we talk about the goals, the website formats and the desired mood and look. Then we create a shot list to make sure all the bases are covered. Mimi created a detailed list of things she wanted accomplished and story-boarded them. The resulting photos communicate the peaceful and supportive environment of Giggling Lotus Yoga.

I have created these process photos for various types of businesses including, fitness and pilates studios, cafes, construction companies, retail stores, light manufacturing, restaurants and more.

Feet are in the air during yoga handstands at Giggling Lotus Yoga Studio Giggling Lotus Yoga Yoga classes at Giggling Lotus Yoga Studio

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