Photo Review 2020

Person in Facemask with umbrella jumping.
Billy jumps for Joy in a Happi Mask Co Pink microfiber mask.

Covid and Masks

What a weird year 2020 was. It seems appropriate in my year-end photo review that I lead with my favorite mask photo from 2020. My family decided to launch a mask company, Happi Mask Co, and this shot of Billy was done the first day we shot. The joy comes through, despite all the trepidation of that time. I shot a lot of mask photos, two more I loved are below. My wife, Patricia, became my favorite mask model. I couldn’t resist having my friend Brooks masked up on his motorcycle.

Woman in black facemask in running gear.
ExerMask on Patricia
Happi Mask Co Blue Denim Mask works great on a motorcycle, just ask Brooks.


Supermoon over Dogpatch

Just as the stay-at-home order came into effect, we experienced a Supermoon. I walked up the hill above Dogpatch and got this shot with the moon rising above the San Francisco Bay.

Atomic Ranch

Woman in leopard print shirt in front of mid century modern sofa.
Courtney Gallagher of Not Another Mod Snob stands in front of an Adrian Pearsall couch at her mid century modern store in Riverside, CA.
Man with mid century stereo console in front of a wall of records.
Jeff Brough of Swag refurbishes mid century stereo consoles in his shop in Boulder Creek CA.

Just before Covid happened, Patricia started writing a column for Atomic Ranch – a mid century modern magazine. She profiles people who have a big interest in mid century items. Courtney Gallagher runs a vintage shop in Riverside called Not Another Mod Snob. Jeff Brough has a shop in Boulder Creek that specializes in refurbished stereo cabinets. We have a great time hanging out and I got great shots of each of them to accompany Patricia’s articles.

Road Trips

Twin Utah buttes under blue sky and fluffy clouds.
Black Dragon Canyon along highway 70 in Utah.
Volcanic Spatter Cone with long winding path.
Spatter Cone at Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho.

With our headshot business very quiet, I took a couple of road trips. The first in late June I went to Colorado through Nevada and Utah. I love the desert and got a great shot right off the highway. I took a side trip on our Idaho trip for a day at Craters of the Moon National Park. The stark beauty felt even more desolate as few people there were in the park at the height of tourist season.


Man in chair shooting basketball over his head.
Omondi puts one through the hoop during an SRK Headshot Day Editorial Session.
Actor Headshot for Jon Ocker during an SRK Headshot Day session.

We did have some headshot business in between lockdowns. These are two of my favorite shots. Omondi is a songwriter and wanted some Editorial Style photos for his website. Jon is looking to a second career as an actor. Both gave me great personality in these portraits.


Chef in white chef jacket at her restaurant.
Simona Oliveri – Head Chef at Oak+Violet in Menlo Park, CA.

Just before shut down I got to photograph chef Simona Oliveri at her restaurant for a profile for InMenlo. The chef was a delight to work with in the beautiful restaurant in the new Park James Hotel in Menlo Park. I can’t wait to try her food when things open back up!

True Calling

Go Go dancer silhouette on colorful background.
GoGo Dancer Lisa Muino.

I am always looking for unusual hobbies and careers for my True Calling project. I met GoGo Dancer Lisa during a headshot session for her day job. We got this fun photo in the studio.

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