Group Photos Tell Your Team’s Story

9 people in a team photo. 3 sitting and 6 standing.

Merriwether & Williams Insurance Services team photo in San Francisco, CA.

Group Photos are a great way to show your company personality in one image. A dramatic team photo splashed across your About Page draws attention.  The right composition and a cohesive mood can really tell your team’s story better than 1000 words. Here are some examples of team photos on which we have had the pleasure to collaborate.

Merriwether & Williams wanted a photo representative of their employees: men and women, junior and senior, and of various ethnic backgrounds. Ingrid Merriwether picked her team and they dressed in a cohesive yet individual style. This photo shows a more serious side to their people, but they were a fun group to work with. Merriwether & Williams Insurance Services offers commercial property and casualty and surety brokerage services and risk management services in both Northern and Southern California.

3 women and one man in team photo. One woman sits, two hold a chair and the man stands in the middle.

The Tugboat Group strike a pose at their company headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. Tugboat invests in companies with a mission.

The Tugboat Group supports entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses independently for a very long time. They have a community of these Evergreen CEOs and they invest truly long-term capital – with no exit horizon – in the right opportunities. The group is energetic and tight-knit. This photo of them really communicates the closeness of the team and their strong character. The photo was shot in their headquarters which is modern and well lit. Special attention is paid to the poses of each person here to make sure there is a variety of positions rather than just a lineup.

Team photograph of 11 people from a painting company. Wearing red and white.

The Arana Craftsman Painters team shares a laugh at their company headquarters in San Leandro, CA.

Arana Craftsman Painters are another close-knit team. They take pride in their meticulous nature and attention to detail. They are experts at difficult jobs that require special skills. For this photo we dressed the team in their corporate colors of white and red and staged their warehouse with ladders, scaffolds, drop-cloths and other tools of the trade to better tell their story. The group is laughing in this shot showing what a good time we had doing the shoot.

7 people in a group photo. Most wearing hats.

Two Hats Consulting channels a group of famous Hollywood directors in this team photo.

We have worked with Two Hats Consulting for a long time – both as their client and with them as our client. (In fact, they built the Arana Craftsman Painters website.) The Two Hats team has grown significantly from the original two hats when we first met to a larger team now. To show the the tight knit group in all its glory, we composed this team shot like a shot I had seen of famous movie directors. We wanted to have the feel of creativity and story telling that Two Hats brings to its creative business of marketing and online website advice and consulting.

If you would like a group shot that looks more like a story than a lineup, we would love to help tell your story. We will put planning and discussion into the composition of the shot so the final image is one you can treasure. We will coordinate with your team on setting, story, wardrobe and posing. You can see more of our group shots at


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