The Facing Time Project

Ruth 78 – Facing Time – Continue to learn, even if challenging, scary, or stressful.

Our society ignores the older generations to it’s detriment. The Facing Time Project explores the relationship between people and their perception of age. Beyond genetics, what factors allow some people to live long and productive lives? What are people doing to ensure that they will live long and productively in their later years? This project celebrates those people that have chosen to live life with action rather than wait for death.

The project will have photos of someone at every age from age 50 to age 105 and up. People over age 105 are sought as well. Each age will have a different person. The project seeks people of as many races, ethnicities, economic backgrounds and countries of origin as possible.

Facing Time Project Portrait of 57 Year Old Man

Perry 57 – Wake up feeling good about me, as a person. Always walk out the door, feeling good about life.

Subjects are photographed up close from their chest to the top of their head. The camera is focused on the eyes. Subjects will be photographed as they decide to appear — without coaching on what to wear, how much makeup to wear and what to do with their hair. They can wear their glasses if they feel it adds to their identity.

The project will result in a book and an exhibition. The exhibition plan is to have photos as large as 5 feet tall and several of smaller sizes.

Facing Time will be an ongoing project as long as the principal photographer, Scott R. Kline, born in 1959 is alive to do it.

Facing Time Questions

In addition to the photograph, each subject is asked a series of questions about their relationship to age and time.

How old are you?
What is your work?
How old do you feel?
How old do you want to live to?
What do you do on a regular basis to get to the age you want to live to?
What is your biggest pain and how do you alleviate it?
What do you fear most about getting older and what are you doing about it?
What advice would you give someone if they want to live a long and productive life?

Facing Time Project Portrait of Woman age 59

Facing Time – Jacky 59 – Integrate something that you love doing in your life to be your North Star

Each photo session will involve lighting and a studio setting, but the studio is portable for those not able to travel. To participate, please contact Scott at See more Facing Time Project Photos.

Facing Time Project Photo of Woman age 60

Susan 60 – I try to stay focused on what I like to do and hang around people who I like and who inspire me. Notice I’m avoiding the part about “oh I exercise each and every day”.

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