2016 Photo Review

This year end Photo Review covers my work from 2016 and features some of my favorite photos from the year. Headshots became my primary work in 2016, but there were still plenty of opportunities for group photos, editorial work and fine-art work. While most of my work these days is for hire, I still love my personal work, Burning Man, road trips and finding people with unusual True Callings. Here are some of my favorite photos from 2016 divided into categories for this Photo Review.

Studio Portraits with Props

Starting off the photo review with our studio work and headshots, we have so many great subjects. This year we started offering longer sessions and some of our most fun sessions involved props.

Woman with drill

Ebba Blitz of Alertsec drills though a hard drive. The best way to guarantee that non-encrypted data is destroyed.

Boy with Tuba

Student Colin Wilfred brought his Tuba into the studio for this relaxed portrait.

Author Azalia Dorner at SRK Headshot Day in San Francisco

Children’s Author Azalia Dorner wears a fun jacket with roses at a pink typewriter at SRK Headshot Day in San Francisco

Editorial Photos

Photographing for InMenlo and indogpatch took me to some fun places and I met some very interesting people this year.

Author in garden with flowers

Best Selling Author Jeanne DuPrau – Author of the “Books of Ember” at her home in Menlo Park, CA.

Man at counter in nMedical Cannabis store

Robert Watson founded Dutchman’s Flat medical cannabis dispensary in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. His clean comfortable space houses a wealth of knowledge to buyers.

Ballerina in Studio

Amy Briones of the Menlowe Ballet photographed for InMenlo in Menlo Park, CA.

Burning Man Photos

Burning Man always is a feast for a photographer. The art this year was better than ever. I also took a mobile lighting rig and did portraits on the Playa.

Woman with sculpture of Leonardo's Head

Sculptor MiscHell Riley at Burning Man 2016 with her sculpture Inside the Mind of daVinci.

Burning Man art Installation

Art installation Awakening at Burning Man 2016. You could move the fingers.

Woman with tattoos and passion sgn

Passion was the answer to the questions Why Do You Do What You Do? at Burning Man Decompression in Dogpatch.

Corporate Environmental Photos

Corporate Photos are lots of fun when clients have great backgrounds in which to photograph.

Lawyer in front of San Francisco Bay

Steve Melikian of the law firm Jones Hall in front of a window overlooking San Francisco Bay.

Executive in front of red wall

Informatica CEO Anil Chakravarthy at the company headquarters in Redwood City, CA.

Woman at computer

An Outpost Games developer in her private work area with a view in Redwood City, CA.


We have so many fabulous clients getting headshots. I could have picked enough to fill pages. But here are a few favorites.

Profile of woman

Unhei Kang of Grubb Co. Realtors at their corporate headshot day in Montclair, CA

Woman adjusts an earring in a headshot

Jeaneen Wallis adjusts an earring during her session at SRK Headshot Day in San Francisco

Smizing woman in headshot

Caitlin Fitzgerald smizes perfectly in her headshot at SRK Headshot Day in San Francisco

Laughing woman in headshot

Keiko Nimura laughs in her headshot. This and seven other laughing photos adorn our wall in our new San Francisco studio.

Group Photos

Group photos have become a passion for me. I think they tell such a story. Here are my favorites for our photo review.

Band with umbrella by the bay

Cure for Gravity (Dave Walcott, Joe Markert and Chris Gamper) in the early morning at Warm Water Cove in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco.

group photo for the photo review

The Jones Hall team re-enacts the painting “The Closing”.

Landscapes Photo Review

Roadtrips are a constant in my life. I drive until I see a lovely vista and snap a photo.

Fog, Still Water and Reeds

Fog, Still Water and Reeds at the San Luis National Wildlife Refuge

Lake and Mountains for the photo review

Lake Albert in Eastern Oregon as seen from highway 395 north of Lakeville.

Studio Portraits without Props

A wider portrait gets the hands in the photo and gives you a better look at the person.

Man laughing while he buttons his jacket

Fred Kim of BAL Global came to our SRK Headshot Day and we got this great laughing photo while he buttoned his jacket.

Woman in black and white

Kate Boyd of TPG at her company’s corporate headshot day.

Blonde woman in black dress

Monica Bolyard one of the SRK Headshot Day Makeup Artist

iPhone Photos Photo Review

Snapping photos with an iPhone is so much fun.

Photo Review of iPhone photo by Scott R. Kline

These are all from my Instagram feed which does not include any portraits and almost no people.

2017 promises to bring even more photos. Thanks for following my work. I hope to work with you in 2017.

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