10 Favorite Photos from 2011

Tim Christensen, Artist, Menlo Park, CA

This collection contains my favorite photos that I created in 2011.  These are presented in no particular order and is really not a top 10. With each photo I mastered a new technique or idea, got a revelation, or got to work with a fascinating person.   In most cases, it was all three. There are links to more photos and backgrounds of the subjects nestled throughout this write-up.

Tim Christensen is a talented artist painting nude figures, flowers and other subjects. I shot him for an article in InMenlo.com, a local blog that interviews some very interesting and creative people. This photo was taken with natural light in Tim’s garage/studio.  I love his intensity and warmth. The colors are great too.

Miss Nicole Malice, San Francisco, 2011

Miss Nicole Malice is a very fearless and creative model.  I had an idea to get a dress and cut it up to reveal her tattoos. We kept cutting and revealing until we were left with this portrait, which I think is very sexy and elegant at the same time.

Nathaniel Skinner, Menlo Park, CA, 2011

Nathaniel Skinner is a family friend I have known since he was an infant. This shot was done as a graduation photo.  We went to the park at sunset and Nathaniel started jumping. He had worn the MiSFit sweatshirt and I told him to leave it on. The energy of this photo make it a favorite.

Leonore Daschbach, Atherton, CA, 2011

Leonore Daschbach is one of the Grande Dames of Atherton.  She lives in an old house full of warmth and memories. This was another shot for InMenlo. The light comes from a skylight above Leonore. This photo pairs well with the Nathaniel shot. There is a continuity of spirit between the two.

Megan Renee, San Jose CA, 2011

Megan Renee and I were all set to shoot at a location when the owner canceled. We moved to a nearby house where this was shot at the last minute. In the bathroom, I noticed this great shower curtain, which I placed a strobe behind for our shot.  Megan stood tiptoed on a piano bench and struck this beautiful pose.

Mr and Mrs Miscellaneous, San Francisco CA, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous make the best ice cream I have ever tasted. Their store in San Francisco is within walking distance of our home.  The place is packed with little treasures old and new. They are a delightfully, in love couple.  I cracked a joke and got this charming portrait. Then I took a pint of salted caramel home!

Dimmplz, Burning Man 2011

For the second year, I took my mobile studio to Burning Man. This couple never stopped bringing out the great costumes. They were my neighbors at the burn and were a delight to be near. This image captures the creativity, joy and sense of freedom that I love at the burn. It is my favorite of the 500 portraits I took. Read my blog about Burning Man.

Jen Yu, Lady with Ferret, Menlo Park CA, 2011

I met Jen Yu and got to talking with her when she mentioned her ferrets and how much she loved having them.  About this same time, I was taking a course on Italian Renaissance painters and saw Leonardo’s “Lady with Ermine”. I sent an image of the painting to Jen.  She showed up with the pearls and ferrets.  Then, she nailed the expression. Even the ferret was a star.

Krysta Kaos, San Francisco CA, 2011

Aili Ice, Redwood City CA, 2011

Krysta Kaos is another fearless young woman.  I have worked with Krysta before and found her very creative. An actress and alternative model, she is physically strong and flexible. I set the classic Jens Risom chair up and she went to work posing. This is one of many great poses we got, but in addition, Krysta has this lovely expression on her face.

Aili Ice is a floral artist. If I want flowers for my wife, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. She is bubbly and creative. We took this shot in her tiny shop in a storage unit.  My lights barely fit.

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