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People in a lobby while working

Workstyle Photos like this one at Lending Club for Brereton Architects show your company’s expertise.

Workstyle photos are an essential tool for communicating your company culture and corporate brand. Companies big and small benefit from showing their people at work and their product or service being used in a work  environment. Scott R. Kline photography has created workstyle photographs for clients big and small. Here are a few examples and what they communicated for their business.

Brereton Architects (see photo at the top of the page) wanted work style photos that showed their customers using the space that they had designed. They are justifiably proud of their design for the Lending Club.  Interrupting the workday at a busy company like Lending Club was not practical. So we got access to the space on a Saturday and recruited models to play Lending Club employees moving about the space. Movement and flow are important in the Lending Club space, so we put the camera on a tripod and showed the motion by using a slow shutter speed and letting the subjects blur as they moved about the space.

Hands at a meeting

Closeup of the hands of the Sensity Team during a brainstorming session.

Sensity’s Amy Lee had an all-hands meeting at an off-site. She wanted to catch team interaction and create workstyle photos for their company recruitment page. Besides getting lots of candid photos of the team interacting in brainstorming sessions, we staged an overhead shot of employs working around a conference table. In the shot, you just see tools and hands, but the teamwork comes through.

3 People reviewing plans

Architects at Fennie+Mehl discuss a project in their San Francisco office in this workstyle photo.

Architecture firm Fennie+Mehl has a tight knit team of architects working in their SOMA headquarters in San Francisco. The team works in a bullpen set-up with lots of collaboration. Break out areas provide conference areas for more detailed teamwork. When we staged their photos, we had the employees actually discussing projects. We hated to interrupt for direction because they were actually getting work done.

Workstyle photo of Giggling Lotus Yoga

Striking a pose at Giggling Lotus Yoga studio in Dogpatch, San Francisco, CA

Giggling Lotus Yoga inhabits a colorful and uplifting studio in the Dogpatch neighborhood in San Francisco. The owner Mimi Moncier wanted photos of her students practicing. Mimi invited students of all abilities and we staged a class. This fly-on-the wall approach can work very well catching the look and feel of a small service business. Mimi used the photos for the website and for collateral materials.

Workstyle photo of 6 people at work in a law office.

Workstyle photo of the Jones Hall team in the San Francisco law offices.

The Jones Hall law firm is a leading firm in the area of municipal bond law. For Jones Hall we created headshots of all employees and location portraits of key partners. We also had a separate day for creating workstyle photos. The photos give a great feel for the work environment and interaction of team members. Norma Fogelberg, Jones Hall’s branding marketing consultant, created a full list of vignettes into a shot list that we executed throughout the day using the employees of Jones Hall. These included wider photos of the offices with employees working and going about their work day. They also showed tighter shots of two or three employees working in close proximity. We finished the day with group photos. One photo had all-hands hanging out in the company cafe and the other was a staged tableaux photo based on a painting of a 1940’s era bond closing.

Workstyle photo of barista pulling an espresso.

A Barista pulls an espresso at Cafe Zoe in Menlo Park, CA in this workstyle photo.

Cafe Zoe in Menlo Park, CA has the feel of a bright and lively place as its regulars come in for coffee, pastry and conversation. But in reality the space is a little dark for photographs. We provided extra light by placing strobes at the front of the space effectively boosting the natural light and back lighting the employees pulling espresso and serving customers.

Workstyle photo of two lab technicians

Two Lab Technicians at Lygos in Berkeley CA in a workstyle photo.

Lygos in Berkeley are doing groundbreaking work in their lab space. Great window light keeps the space well lit, so we used the fly-on-the-wall approach and hung out while the crew in the lab did their work. The workstyle photos showed their bright and scientific lab, communicating their expertise.


Woman cooking goat over an open fire.

Cooking Goat over open fire at Belcampo Meatcamp

I grew up on a farm. So I was very excited to be invited to Belcampo Meat Camp at their ranch in Gazelle, CA north of Mount Shasta. Campers get to learn all about the preparation of Belcampo’s pasture raised organic meats. The camp included farm tours, cooking lessons and wine pairing. And a lot of good eating. I photographed all of the proceedings using available light. The beautiful setting and avid participants made this shoot a breeze.

Does your business have a unique culture or product? Workstyle photos can help communicate this branding to your potential customers or even to future employees evaluating you as a place to work. Contact us to brainstorm a unique set of photos for your website. See more examples of workstyle photos on our website.

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