Women Entrepeneurs

I have been fortunate to have met and photographed several women entrepreneurs. They have each found a very unique True Calling.

Poet Silvi Alcivar at her vintage typewriter.

My wife and I met Silvi Alcivar at the Treasure Island Music Festival. Silvi, armed with her vintage typewriter and a ton of talent, writes poems on the spot, concerning whatever theme you want. Her business, The Poetry Store, provides poetry at events or by special order.

Sophie Spinelle (Rt) and Carey Lynne (Ctr) of Shameless Photography.

Sophie Spinelle and Carey Lynne are the photographers at Shameless Photo, a retro pinup studio. With their use of vintage clothing and period styles of shooting, they empower women to break through societal boundaries and feel good about themselves physically. One look at the lovely photos they produce will take you back to the 50s and see why they are so successful in their mission.

Miranda Roberts and Maggi Aaronson of Fat Cabbage Farm.

Fat Cabbage Farm, is run by two city-born women who found their agricultural calling in college. Miranda Roberts and Maggi Aaronson, run their organic farm near Pescadero, CA. They raise cabbage, lettuce, strawberries, artichokes and many other agricultural products. They can be found selling at farmers markets throughout the SF Bay area. We photographed them on a typically foggy morning on their farm as they prepared to till the soil on 8 acres of land they had just rented.

These three, along with previously featured hula hooper, Nicole Wong and baker, Patricia Kline show us that there is no limit to creativity and opportunity when you follow your True Calling.

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