Product Shots with People Using The Product – UFOpener

UFOpener the alien inspired bottle opener.

Photographs best tell a businesses story when people are interacting with the product or service. The creative team working for UFOpener contacted me to create photographs for the innovative bottle opener and the new website. So we threw a party and photographed the UFOpener in action. It was lots of fun buying colorful sodas and beers in unusual bottles. By mixing these with the multi-colored UFOpeners and equally colorful bowls and snacks we really got photos that pop (pun intended). Throw in people in the background toasting and celebrating and you have the party atmosphere UFOpener was meant to thrive in.

Thanks to the creative team of Renée Alexander from GrassRoots PR, Pam Card from Surefire Online Marketing and Bradley Charbonneau from Likoma the website creator for their contributions and party instincts.

UFOpener the alien inspired bottle opener.

UFOpener the alien inspired bottle opener.


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