True Calling – Hoosier Style

Seth and Mark Kline in their motorcycle shop in South Bend, Indiana, July 2012.

This past summer I went back to Indiana where I grew up. Coming from farming and rural roots, I thought it might be interesting to incorporate some folks from Indiana in my True Calling project. It didn’t take me long to realize that my family would be great subjects.

My brother Mark and my nephew Seth have always been into motorcycles. Mark has been a pastor and I always referred to his flock as the Church of Harley because so many in the congregation rode motorcycles. Recently Seth graduated from school for working on motorcycles. They have started a business fixing older Harleys. They also have built motorcycles from scratch.

Jim and Todd Kline with their John Deere tractor and center-pivot irrigation system in a field of freshly planted snap beans, Leiters Ford, Indiana, July 2012.

My uncle Jim and cousin Todd are big farmers in Fulton County where I grew up. They farm more than 2000 acres of corn, soybeans, potatoes and snap beans. Massive irrigation systems called center-pivots irrigate the fields by pumping into a center pumping area and rotating around it while spraying the water. Some of these booms are 1250 feet long and irrigate more than 100 acres. In this photo they brought one of their cherished John Deere tractors out to the field and stood in front of the center-pivot at sunset.

Don Kline with his paint horse Blaze at his family farm near Leiters Ford, Indiana, July 2012.

My father Don has always been into horses. He loves to ride them and takes them all over the country riding in Montana, Tennessee and many other states. He also buys and sells them. Here he is with Blaze his favorite paint at the farm that has been in our family since 1888. The farm also has a great woods (seen in the background) for hunting our prize “grey sponge” mushrooms.  In California we call them morels, but I didn’t know that when grandma would coat them in flower, fry them up in butter and serve them piping hot.

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