TravelAge West Cover Shoot

Niki Leondakis, Main Lobby, St. Regis Hotel, San Francisco, CA

Niki Leondakis, COO and President of the Kimpton Group was the subject for my cover shoot for TravelAge West magazine. The February 20, 2012 issue featured shots of Niki on the cover, table of contents and with the article. We did the shoot at the St. Regis Hotel near Union Square in San Francisco. Recently remodeled, the hotel has a lively and rich interior, featuring a huge plastic version of their signature Beefeater behind the bar. We wanted to show this rich room and sat Niki at the elegant bar in the main lobby. The ornate ceiling and chandeliers provided a lush backdrop.

Niki Leondakis at Harry Denton’s Starlight Room, San Francisco, CA

For the closeup portrait we went to Harry Denton’s Starlight Room on the top floor. This popular San Francisco night spot has also recently been remodeled and I loved the red velvet booths. Ms. Leondakis was a pleasure to work with as was Deborah Dimond from TravelAge West.

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