Reid Witlin – Full Body Portraits For Printing Really, Really Big

Triptych of couple with tattoos.

This Triptych for Reid Witlin shows a couple who meet, fall in love and become a family. The images we used to promote digitalFX which allows them to be printed large on film of fabric.

Reid Witlin, a leader in hospitality industry textiles, hired us to create full body portraits for the launch of their new line of digitalFX products that allow images to be printed very large. Using Reid Witlin’s technology, images can be produced on film or fabric for use in lobby’s, hotels walls and countless other locations.

For their advertising campaign introducing this revolutionary new product, we worked with Reid Witlin’s creative team including Ann Margaret Kline, Director of Sales and Creativity. We created a series of full-body portraits telling a story. A couple meets, marries and starts a family. Each of the photos advances the narrative. The series of three ads ran in September, October and November issues of Boutique Design Magazine and Hotel Design Magazine.  The images were also used on their booth at the BDNY: Boutique Design New York industry trade show.

Photo of Trade Show Booth with very large images.

The Reid Witlin Booth at BDNY being assembled by Ann Margaret Kline, Director of Sales and Creativity. photo: Alex Pines

For the shoot we had a full team including our makeup artist, Monica Bolyard, a stylist, producer and three models, including Daniel Velasco and Bailey Cole.

In the first photo we show the couple meeting. She is all rock and roll with leather dress and tattoos showing. He is in full business mode, right down to the briefcase. She wants nothing to do with him. The second photo shows them coupled up and the woman pregnant. The man is protective.The third photo shows the family compete with new baby. The metamorphosis is complete.

Couple with Tattoos on white background.

This image was printed six feet high for Reid Witlin at the trade show BDNY: Boutique Design New York.

In a fourth photo of the couple in fully rocked out mode, they are both edgy and fashionable. This is the photo used on the trade show booth.

We always love helping companies and individuals tell their stories through photos.   This project was a blast to brainstorm for and create the story. Contact us with your ideas and we will bring them to fruition with photographs.

digitalFX is the hotel industry’s first commercial performance digitally printed textile and film line. digitalFX includes glass films, bedding, upholstery, draperies, shower curtains, headboard and solar shade materials and outdoor fabrics. Their art resources are unique and unlike anything that exists in the industry. The digitalFX line was nominated for Inter Design Magazine’s Best of the Year Awards for outdoor textiles.

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