Hooping with Joy

Nicole Wong spinning a rainbow at Warm Water Cove.

One of the things I like most about my True Calling project, is that it can inspire others to pursue their passion in life. Frequently though, it is I that am inspired. That happened recently when I was photographing hula hooper, Nicole Wong. Nicole always has a smile on her face and a constant positive attitude. We did this shot on a classically cool and windy evening in San Francisco at Warm Water Cove near my home in Dogpatch. We perched up on a pile of rubble down by the water and commenced shooting. For well over an hour, Nicole gyrated and spinned as I snapped away. The smile never left her face. Nicole, a PhD in education, discovered hooping fairly recently and has been taken over by it. She uses it to relate to kids at events and to keep the joy flowing in her life and her company Cherry Hoops.

Laughing as the hoops fall.

The photo with the hoops falling was Nicole’s favorite. She said it showed the joy in the endeavor. I think the fact that she does this for the love of it is proven by this being her favorite.

Last shot of the day. Keeping them all in the air.

This was one of those shoots where I really had trouble picking a favorite shot. There are probably five more with the same great feel to them. I love it when that happens.


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