Headshots for Attorneys – Sefton Family Law Group

Woman in suit at her desk with backdrop of San Francisco Skyline.

Sefton Family Law Founder Raquel Sefton in her downtown San Francisco office.

“What a pleasure to work with Scott and his team.  They came to our office and took control.  They made us feel comfortable and relaxed.  Respectful of our time and efficient with our staff, the results speak for themselves:  our pictures are gorgeous yet appropriately professional.  The headshots and interior pictures evidence the team’s keen attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship.  Scott completed the project quickly, professionally and with great results.” – Raquel Sefton, Sefton Family Law group

Sefton Family Law Group is a San Francisco based law firm specializing in helping individuals and families navigate difficult family law transitions.  They are a caring and close-knit group. They called us to create headshots of their entire team of attorneys and staff so that their new website would have a cohesive look that reflected their values of being strong, smart and steady.

Headshot of woman in reed dress with grey hair with frosted glass as a background.

Executive assistant Catherine Rogers in her professional headshot with frosted glass as a background.

Before we were hired, I had a meeting with founder Raquel Sefton and Executive Assistant Catherine Rogers. We discussed what was important to them and how they wanted the photos to look. We toured the offices to determine the best setting for headshots of all the personnel, settling on a background of frosted glass.

Raquel also wanted executive portraits of her and partner Casey McNamara in the office setting. We settled on shots in each of their offices with the San Francisco skyline as the backdrop.

As always, we set a day for the shoot and determined time slots for everyone. We created a custom online document for signing up. Sefton realized the importance of having a makeup artist for the shoot, so each person showed up 30-minutes before their photo for their makeup session. It was a full day of shooting with Casey and Raquel getting both a headshot and their individual executive portraits.

Within two days after the completion of shooting, Sefton received their digital proofs online. Catherine coordinated everyone picking their preferred shot. Our retouching was completed within a week and returned to them with three different crops of each photo. Each crop was presented in both a web-sized and a high-resolution version.

We were copious in recording our setup and will be able to duplicate the standard look of their headshots as team members are added in the future.

If your company needs portraits or headshots of the entire team, we would love to talk to you about our corporate headshot programs.

Man with glasses in a professional headshot.

Partner Christopher “Casey” McNamara of Sefton Family Law Group.


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