5 Tips For Effective Portraits or Headshots

Headshot Mike Depatie Kimpton Group

Creating thousands of portraits has taught me how anyone can look their best in any photo. (Like those of Mike Depatie of the Kimpton Group above and Event Producer Lisa Busby below.) You can look your best in an iPhone shot or in a fully lit portrait with a stylist, makeup artist and hairdresser. Over the course of five blogs, we will detail the things you can do to look your best. These tips are great for photographers too. You can coach your subjects to bring out their inner movie star.

Here are the categories and the links to blog posts.

Use Makeup and Have Your Hair Done – Men and women can both benefit from makeup. Whether it is just getting rid of that annoying shine or using the makeup to dramatize you best features.  Tips are delivered by a hair and make-up professional.

Wear Clothes That Accentuate Your Features  – Wear clothes that support rather than distract from your face. You can still express yourself with your wardrobe, but these tips will maximize your results.

Pose Like a Star  – Imagine a scenario or scene to get you in the mood.  More tips on how to look natural in front of the camera including, practicing in advance.

Worship the Light – We aren’t really suggesting you become a pagan, but light is everything in a photo. Get out of the sun and face the biggest light source available. We show you how to position yourself for the most flattering light.

Turtle Up  – None of us likes a double chin. Accentuate that jaw line by moving your face to the camera. All the news anchors do it. Why shouldn’t you?  Tips on expressions and head positions as well.

Visit my headshot gallery at SRKHeadshotDay.com.

Headshot Portrait for Lisa Busby Event Planner


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