Employee Headshots for a Sales Organization – Sam Clar

John Schwartz - Sam Clar Office FurnitureSam Clar Office Furniture and it’s Contract Service Group company recently required headshots for their employees and executives. Sam Clar wanted a consistent look throughout their website. So we decided to shoot the portraits on a black background.

Even with a set background and a tight schedule, I still like to have plenty of time with each person to get comfortable and get the right expression. This was easy with the friendly staff at Sam Clar. We had a great time hanging out with each person for fifteen minutes or so and getting them several looks from which to choose.

In addition, we worked with CEO John Schwartz (above) to create some executive portraits in and around the offices at Sam Clar. These environmental portraits can be used for John’s speaking engagements and anywhere he is being featured as an industry expert.

Nicole Beadle - Sam Clar Office Furniture - Employee Headshot

Andy Armosino - Sam Clar Office Furniture

Candy Tan - Sam Clar Office Furniture

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