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Peter Dayton of Silicon Valley Finance Group

When you mouse over his headshot, Consulting CFO Peter Dayton, becomes a Superhero.

Every company has a unique culture and business that they want reflected in their website About page. Team photos can be challenging. Photos should have a consistent theme and aesthetic. A mix of business headshots and location portraits can add some variety. You always want to add a twist to help connect the photos with the potential customer viewing the website.

These were all the technique’s we recently employed in creating the business headshots for Silicon Valley Finance Group in Redwood City, CA (SVFG).  SVFG views themselves as a fun and creative group who brings that energy to many of the start-ups they serve with their outsourced CFO services. They wanted their portrait photography to be a mix of headshots for the team page and location portraits for the executive photography. They also wanted the photos to reflect the positive, friendly and creative aspects of their firm. We created a custom Corporate Headshot Day to achieve all these goals.

Seann Birkelund of the Silicon Valley Finance Group

Seann Birkelund, Consulting CFO and partner in his executive location portrait.

On the website, we have a grid of square-cropped headshots for the SVFG About page which shows all the employees. Each employee is photographed on a blue background in a straightforward manner. But the twist comes when you mouse over the photo. Each person morphs into a version of them channeling their favorite super-hero. We have everything from Thor to Scooby-Doo.

Clicking on the headshot photo gets you a bio of each employee. For the four executives, we also added environmental portraits shot on location in their colorfully decorated offices.

But what to do when you add a new employee? How do you get the new employee’s photo to match the old? Settings for all the shots were meticulously recorded as well as the blue wall location where we shot the headshots. In this way, we can add new photos that match when a new employee was added. Can you tell which ones were added after the initial set was photographed?

Do you need a creative headshot photographer for your company’s Team photos on your About page? Please contact me. I would love to brainstorm some ideas.

Kristine Avila of the Silicon Valley Finance Group

Silicon Valley Finance Group’s Kristine Avila becomes Cleopatra.

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