Children’s Health Council – Portraits of Students and Teachers

Children's Health Council

Children’s Health Council (CHC) provides a suite of services or parents and students. They run two different schools, counseling services and a community clinic serving students with learning differences, anxiety and depression, ADHD and autism. Their website requires communicating with families in a way that shows their compassion and expertise in these areas.

Children's Health Council

Together, we created a series of photos for CHC’s website. We also created photos for an advertisement in Gentry Magazine’s May issue thanking a major donor. (See bottom photo).  CHC liked portraits that I had done on a white background with natural light. These photos convey a warmth and natural connection to the subjects.

Children's Health Council

We photographed students, teachers, families, administrators and employees of CHC in various groups and individually.  The goal was to come up with a representative person or group for each of the many services that CHC describes on pages of their website.

Working with designer Liz King and the people at CHC, we created colorful engaging photos over a one-day shoot.  Since all the shots are taken with natural light in a special outdoor studio, we were able to keep a very at-ease vibe during the day of shooting. A natural affinity between subjects in groups comes through clearly.  Thanks also to Tylar Springer for assisting and keeping things relaxed and running smoothly.


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