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True Calling – Hoosier Style

This past summer I went back to Indiana where I grew up. Coming from farming and rural roots, I thought it might be interesting to incorporate some folks from Indiana in my True Calling project. It didn’t take me long to realize that my family would be great subjects. My brother Mark and my nephew […]

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Women Entrepeneurs

I have been fortunate to have met and photographed several women entrepreneurs. They have each found a very unique True Calling. My wife and I met Silvi Alcivar at the Treasure Island Music Festival. Silvi, armed with her vintage typewriter and a ton of talent, writes poems on the spot, concerning whatever theme you want. […]

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Hooping with Joy

One of the things I like most about my True Calling project, is that it can inspire others to pursue their passion in life. Frequently though, it is I that am inspired. That happened recently when I was photographing hula hooper, Nicole Wong. Nicole always has a smile on her face and a constant positive […]

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Mixed Lights – A Blessing in Disguise

I remember early on learning about color temperature and different types of light sources – warm-orange incandescent lights, green fluorescents, cold-blue halogens. I learned they were something to be avoided. I was taught how to gel my lights so they would match the ones behind the subject and then balance the whole thing back to […]

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