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Hooping with Joy

One of the things I like most about my True Calling project, is that it can inspire others to pursue their passion in life. Frequently though, it is I that am inspired. That happened recently when I was photographing hula hooper, Nicole Wong. Nicole always has a smile on her face and a constant positive […]

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Mixed Lights – A Blessing in Disguise

I remember early on learning about color temperature and different types of light sources – warm-orange incandescent lights, green fluorescents, cold-blue halogens. I learned they were something to be avoided. I was taught how to gel my lights so they would match the ones behind the subject and then balance the whole thing back to […]

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10 Favorite Photos from 2011

This collection contains my favorite photos that I created in 2011.  These are presented in no particular order and is really not a top 10. With each photo I mastered a new technique or idea, got a revelation, or got to work with a fascinating person.   In most cases, it was all three. There are […]

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