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Neal Menschel

What a pleasure it was to meet and photograph acclaimed photojournalist Neal Menschel for InMenlo. His studio was a minimalist’s nirvana, white walls, lots of natural light and a wall of wires with clothes pins. Anyone who has hung up wet prints from the darkroom will recognize these. He is doing so much I love […]

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Lemon Twist Drill Team Flyer

I recently got to shoot the Lemon Twist Drill Team. The talented folks at Lemon Twist took my photos and made this great promotion for their store. Lemon Twist create unique clothes that are sophisticated and fun. Leave it to them to come up with a unique promotion like the drill team. Featuring their clothes […]

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Mixed Lights – A Blessing in Disguise

I remember early on learning about color temperature and different types of light sources – warm-orange incandescent lights, green fluorescents, cold-blue halogens. I learned they were something to be avoided. I was taught how to gel my lights so they would match the ones behind the subject and then balance the whole thing back to […]

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WPU and WOO on WP